Event-focused and value-oriented. Dentonia Park is an event-focused and value-oriented investment advisor that invests in publicly traded securities globally. The firm’s philosophy and approach is a product of the Founder’s prior experience managing event driven, long/short, and short-biased investment strategies.

Exploit market inefficiencies. We seek to exploit market inefficiencies and dislocations that are due to disparities in value, information and time horizon. Typically this manifests in the willingness and patience to take a longer-term view, and situations that require specialized knowledge and judgment to interpret information effectively to form investment conclusions.

Capitalize on best ideas. We attempt to capitalize on our best ideas in which we have the highest levels of conviction by establishing concentrated positions. Long positions are focused on mispriced securities that result from corporate actions and are undergoing a transformation where analysis suggests outsized returns: primarily post-reorganizations, financial and operational restructurings, and spinoffs. Our emphasis is on special situations investments that generate yield.

Short selling expertise. Short positions are intended to contribute alpha and along with hedges, protect capital during market declines. Positions comprise structurally challenged companies and flawed business models among other attributes. Stock selection benefits from the application of our short selling approach to both long and short investment theses, which creates a more robust research process and improves risk awareness.

Robust fundamental research process. Investment decisions are based on a repeatable, fundamental, bottom up research process that is a fusion of the Portfolio Manager’s event driven, long/short, and short-biased investment experience. We develop a differentiated perspective by determining multiple events to unlock value, and gaining conviction around probability and magnitude of events versus market expectations. To build conviction, we form an investment mosaic based on our research process.

Manage risk at position and portfolio levels. Our risk management process consists of rigorous fundamental research, supported by multiple risk management tools and metrics refined over many years.